Gallery Images

This painting appears in the 2015 film Paddington - in the mother's room above the fireplace

Mughal Horse 1 gesso/oil/acrylic   60x50cms                                                                 SOLD

Mughal Horse 2  - detail gesso and oil                                                                           

Mughal Horse 2 - detail  gesso/oil/ acrylic                                                                 

Two Chinese Pigeons - oil/gesso    25x25cms

Bees in Red Garden - oil                                                                                     £190

Racing Hares - oil and gesso  40"x40"                                                                    SOLD

Four Chinese Riders with Dragon Frame  - oil/gesso/acrylic     18"x22"                 SOLD

Four Chinese Riders - detail

Garden with Glasshouses and Pond - gesso/ acrylic/ oil  50x50cms             £250                                                                                                                                        

Three Racing  Hares                                                                                           SOLD

Two Doves with White Blossom - oil/gesso/acrylic    20x20cms                            SOLD

Staffordshire Cats on Faded Wallpaper  - oil/acrylic/gesso  25x30cms         SOLD                          

   Two Fish in Pond with Dragonflies - oil      50x60cms                                                          

Bees, Flowers and Glasshouse  - gesso     40" x 22"

Grey Vase  - oil   20x20cms

Lady Frederica Simson's Wooden Doll on her ipad    acrylic and oil   40x40cms      NFS                  

Orange Tree with Bees and Buds                                                                               SOLD

Assyrian Horse detail - gesso, acrylic, gold leaf                                                    SOLD                                            

Assyrian Horse's Head with Armour (side view)  gesso, gold leaf, acrylic  8x10cms    SOLD

Orange Tree with Dragonflies   - gesso, oil  76" x 50"                           SOLD                                                          

Chinese Horse with Dragon Corners  - oil,gesso, acrylic  25x25              £150                                     

Chinese Horse -  detail -  acrylic, oil, gesso  25x25cms                                           £150

Chinese Horse  - side detail

Chinese Horse - side detail

Puffed Up Pigeon in Gold Leaf            detail                                 in progress

Two Blue Bowls with Flowers oil 30 x 30
Youth and horse 16" x 16" gesso/acrylic/gold leaf
Youth and horse detail

Hare in Floral Frame   gesso, oil, acrylic       25x30cms                                         SOLD

Mughal Horse - oil, gesso, gold leaf  25x30cms                                                 SOLD

Bees and Orange Tree 2           detail

Mughal Horse  - gesso, acrylic, gold leaf   40x40cms                              SOLD

Chinese Vase with Blue Dragon Corners 1        40x40cms                                       £200

Chinese Vase with Blue Dragon Corners 2- detail    30x30cms                               


Glass Vases on Old Wallpaper 45x53cms                                                              £150

Two Blue Tits  - gesso, watercolour       20x20cms                                                    SOLD

Patterns 1 - gesso, acrylic, oil, watercolour      40x40cms                                 SOLD

Patterns 2 gesso, oil, acrylic, watercolour    30x30cms

The Fifties 1 - acrylic          40x40cms

The Fifties 2 - acrylic    40x40cms

Pieces of China found in the River Thames -detail - gesso/oil   50x40cms                             SOLD


Orange Tree in Pot with Two Magpies   gesso, acrylic oil          40x50cms                SOLD

Two green dragon jars 16" x 20" detail gesso/acrylic
Two birds, frame detail 16" x 16" gesso/acrylic

Interior with Staffordshire China Dogs and Springer Spaniel  acrylic, gesso, gold leaf   60x40cms                                            

Interior with Staffordshire Dogs    detail

Blue Bowl with White Flowers oil 30 x 30

Two White Doves  gesso, acrylic, oil 30x30cms

Rangoon building 16" x 16" gesso/acrylic
Blue birds 24" x 20" gesso/acrylic/gold leaf

Two Pigeons (photoshopped)

Garden with Greenhouse and Fishpond (photoshopped)

Orange Tree with Bees and Dragonflies (photoshopped)

Cups 1 - acrylic, gesso, oil            40x40                                                                      SOLD

Cups 2 - gesso, acrylic, oil  40x40cms

Cups 3 - gesso, oil   40 x 40 cms                                                             SOLD                          

Cups 3 (photoshopped)

Orange tree, bees and Turtle Doves 30" x 20" gesso/oil/acrylic

Orange Trees and Bees   detail

Greek Youth with Dog 46 x 36 gesso/acrylic

Blue China Container with dried flowers   - gesso, acrylic   20x20cms                       SOLD

Youth 1 35 x 45 gesso/oil

Mughal Horse with Red Gold Frame  - acrylic, gesso   40x40cms

Two Staffordshire Cats on Old Wallpaper    gesso, acrylic  25x25cms       £100                                                                                 

Tang Horse 25 x 25 gesso/acrylic/oil
Garen with Glasshouses 3 76 x 50 gesso/acrylic/oil
Goldfinches on Hawthorn 2 gesso/acrylic/oil 30 x 40
Gold Cups and Saucers acrylic/oil 36cm x 45cm
Racing Hare oil/gesso 45 x 56
Blue Bowl with Gold Interior oil 30 x 30
Blue Tits detail